Polish language certificate - exam course

Kobieta macha do laptopaLevel

A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

Number of people in the group

Min. 2 - Max. 3

Length of 1 lesson

60 minutes

Duration of lessons / course length

50H / 2 months or 4.5 months


Course lenght Intensive course Standard course
Number of
per week
2 months 4,5 months
3 (3x1H)   50
6 (3x2H) 50  


Course description

This course allows you to prepare for the Polish language certification exam for foreigners. Passing the exam confers participants with a certificate issued by the State Commission for the Certification of Proficiency in Polish as a Foreign Language. The certificate officially confirms the knowledge of the language and is the only document universally recognized by all Polish state institutions and universities.

Goals of the course:

  • become familiar with the requirements and structure of the Polish language certification exam for foreigners;
  • practice techniques for solving various types of examination tasks;
  • repetition of material from a given level;
  • improve the language skills necessary for correct task performance.


For whom?

Dla osób, które potrzebują państwowego certyfikatu poświadczającego znajomość języka polskiego na danym poziomie, np. dla:

  • future students of Polish universities - to begin studying in Poland, you must document your knowledge of the Polish language at a minimum level of B1 (usually B2) or higher;
  • employees who use the Polish language at work, e.g. for communicating with clients;
  • persons applying for the Pole's Card;
  • foreigners wishing to obtain Polish citizenship (exam level - minimum B1);
  • foreigners applying for a long-term EU residence permit (exam level - minimum B1);
  • people who, for professional or private reasons, want to receive an official document determining their level of proficiency in Polish;


Kobieta siedzi przy laptopieWhat's included in the price?

  • fifty 60-minute lessons with a qualified and experienced teacher;
    all teaching materials;
  • qualifying entrance test;
  • unit tests;
  • mock exam;
  • certificate of course completion (on request) in accordance with our regulations.




ATTENTION! We are confident in the quality and effectiveness of our courses, which is why we give you a 100% guarantee of passing the exam after completing the course. If you fail the exam, we will refund you 100% of the price, in accordance with our regulations.

Before accepting you for the course, we will ask you to take a qualifying test and speak with the teacher to determine your current level of advancement. Only persons who meet the requirements for a given level of advancement are admitted to the examination course. 

Course dates

The dates of the course depend on the dates of the certification exam.

Courses planned for 2024:


Course start date Examination dates in 2024:
20.11.2023 (Intensive course) *4-5 February 2024; levels: B1, B2
20.11.2023 (Standard course)
5.02.2024 (Intensive course)
*20-21 April 2024; levels: B1, C1
5.02.2024 (Standard course)
15.04.2024 (Intensive course)
*22-23 June 2024; levels: B1, B2
1.07.2024 (Standard course)
9.09.2024 (Intensive course)
*16-17 November 2024; levels: B1, C1, C2


Course price:

2250 zł


Earn a Polish language certificate!

Do you need a Polish language certificate to enroll in studies, land your dream job, participate in professional courses, or be actively involved in the social scene? At our language school, we organize special courses that will bring you closer to your goal by preparing you for the state Polish language exam. The Polish language exam for foreigners evaluates the level of mastery of specific language skills. For years, our school has been preparing people from all over the world for this examination. Depending on the individual preferences and abilities of each participant, we can offer preparatory courses for any level of advancement: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. The Polish language certificate also opens the possibility of obtaining the Pole’s Card or Polish citizenship.